$oundCloud $potlight I

From this week onwards I’m going to be highlighting a SoundCloud banger that I think anyone reading this should hear. So here goes, for the first time ever. This is my $oundCloud $potlight:


The main reason I wanted to highlight this track first is because I can’t believe it isn’t bigger. It certainly isn’t a new track, and having been around for 2 years now I can’t believe it’s only got 344k plays. For one thing it has one of the catchiest hooks I’ve heard in a while, and VONTAYLOR has a voice that fits the production perfectly. Soft and almost soulful at times but with a knack of hitting the beat perfectly. On Us, is the best example of this and his bars are sick, the beat is modern and subtle, and the hook….the hook makes it.

SoundCloud Plays: 344,000

RATING: 8.5/10

Hear it here: VONTAYLOR – On Us


$uicide in London


$UICIDEBOYS came to the UK, and not only the UK but Camden. I originally thought that I had missed out on tickets when the original venue (O2 Academy Islington) sold out faster than nitros balloons at Wireless Festival. But amazingly, after seemingly underestimating how hungry young British fans were to see $crim and Ruby, the new found gods of underground rap, they changed venues. Switching to the larger Electric Ballroom in Camden.

I turned up in Camden on a warm Tuesday evening, Red Stripe in hand I walked towards The Electric Ballroom to join the line to get in. The first thing I noticed as I strolled past the hoards of fans other than how fucking many there were, was the variety of different people from all cultures that seemed to have amassed for the gig. Hip-hop heads, hardcore kids, skaters, people head to toe in Supreme, young people, old people, black, white, asian everything. Almost any show I go to whether it be a grimy free HxC gig at a pub in Tottenham, or a death metal show in Brighton, has it’s crowd which all seem to be largely from one single culture. Not so with $UICIDEBOY$. It was amazing.

I finally get into the venue, to find a mosh pit of hunreds or thousands of people bouncing to Lil Uzi Vert’s XO Tour Life. This is going to be sick. The sound was incredible, standing at the back I could hear every snare, every lyric and obviously, every massive sub drop. The DJ continued, playing a catalogue of underground and also more mainstream bangers, everything from XXXTentacion to Drake, from Kodak Black to Post Malone, slowly building excitement and tension until, finally at 9:00pm, they came.

Yung Scarecrow and Ruby da Cherry jump on stage like they own the place, I see grown men screaming like little girls, people surging forward to better see these two guys from New Orleans who, over the course of 3 years, have become idols. I myself was positioned about mid-way between the stage at the front and the bar at the back, ideal to get the best sound quality and also be amongst the crowd. Opening up with ‘Do you believe in god?’ It was immediately lit, hundreds of people throwing up G*59’s 3 handsigns, horns and flipping birds as they beat the shit out of each other. Being a veteran of metal shows by now I’m used to this but I wasn’t expecting it to be this crazy.

Two walls of death and a circle pit later, someone else walked onto stage. It was Lil Peep, another “SoundCloud rapper” who’s blown up massively over recent months. He performed Beamerboy alongside $UICIDEBOY$ and his hypeman, which was actually a sick interlude for the show and gave the crowd something extra as there wasn’t a traditional support act.

The rest of the hour long set went by way too quickly, with $$B going through some of their biggest songs i.e FTP, LTE, Ultimate Suicide, $$$ etc. as well as a new (as of yet) unnamed song that they hadn’t performed before live. They got the whole crowd singing along to the hook from Kill Yourself III and ended the show with ‘Planting the Roots Only to Fall Out the Tree’.

As I left, watching steam rise from the bodies of thousands, as the last of the beat played out, I only had one thought.


$$$ Manifesto

I live in the South East of the UK, near the sea. Generally the local music scene around here is centred around Brighton and that’s no bad thing. There’s a varied mix of sub-cultures and scenes that lean towards the converging genres of underground metal and hip-hop – both of which I fuck with. Heavy. Bands like Architects, Abhorrent Decimation, and Vehement as well as High Focus acts Ocean Wisdom and Rag ‘n’ Bone Man, all hailing from the area.

This lead me to the underground rap scene that’s coming up in the USA at the moment, mainly out of southern states such as Florida, Georgia and Louisiana. Rappers such as Pouya, $UICDEBOY$, Lil Pump, Lil Peep, and XXXTentacion all pushing the boundaries of modern hip-hop and for the first time in what feels like a while, bringing something new to the table.

And that’s really what this blog is about, the dirty, angry, and sometimes ugly face of modern underground music and culture in all its forms. Reviews, opinions, news etc.

Thanks for reading.



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